Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ping Tool aka NOC Candy

Somehow I managed to score a 42" Plasma TV for my team bullpen area when the "project" that it was intended for was canceled. Besides the obvious use for displaying March Madness games, we had to come up with an official use for it. We had a client coming through on a tour one week so I spent some time looking for a tool that I could put on it to make it look like it was keeping track of the network when I stumbled across a tool called MetaPing. Now there isn't anything really special about this tool other than a) it looks cool and b) it runs from your desktop.

It's only purpose in life is to ping hosts and graph the RTT in realtime. This can be very useful if you are doing testing and need to see if devices go down when you make a change, or if you need a temporary monitoring tool.

You can download the tool here: