Thursday, June 19, 2008

Juniper Enterprise Switching Certification - FREE!

Last year Juniper started a program called FastTrack to help people who had certifications from other vendors (read Cisco) obtain the equivalent Juniper certification. The first test was the Juniper Networks Certified Network Associate - M/T series (JNCIA-M). The only catch is that you first have to pass (70%) an assessment test which you can take as many times as you want. After you pass the assessment they email you a voucher for the real exam. Once you pass the real exam, you can take the assessment for the JNCIS-M. Additionally when they launched their Enterprise Routing Certifications the same process applied. When the test first launches the vouchers are for 100% of the cost and a few months later they change them to 50% off which is still a great deal. Additionally, they give you all of the coursework that you would get as if you were taking the instructor led classes so you have study material to help you pass the tests.

NOTE: The voucher program for the JNCIA/S M/T series is no longer available

Recently, Juniper launched their new series of Mulitlayer Ethernet Switches and are now offering the Enterprise Switching as part of the FastTrack series. The voucher is good for 100% of the cost of the test if you pass the assessment by August 31st.

You can read more about the FastTrack program here:

You will need an access card to register which you can get here:

Special Thanks to BJ Hoskins for pointing out this new addition to the program.

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